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11 Weight Loss Hacks Perfect For The Fall11 Weight Loss Hacks Perfect For The Fall

It’s easy to be active in the summer, but everything slows down as soon as the air gets chilly. When fall comes along, so do apple pies, rich holiday foods and pumpkin spiced lattes — autumn is filled with cozy and calorie-laden temptations, but we’ve got your back with some must-know weight loss hacks that are fantastic as the weather cools down. From making meals tastier to maximizing your healthy groceries, keep your weight goals in check with the ultimate fall weight loss tips. 

1. Cube sweet potatoes and butternut squash

Unfortunately, many of our veggies go bad before we have a chance to use them. You can spend a couple of extra bucks for pre-cut squash or sweet potato cubes, or if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, par-boil and freeze or cut them ahead of time. This makes it way easier to toss them on a cookie sheet in oil, season them and bake them. The ultimate lazy veggie hack. 

2. Canned pumpkin

Swap out that sugary PSL and pumpkin tart with canned pumpkin, which contains loads of Vitamin A and potassium. It can be added to oatmeals, pancakes or soup for some fall-themed flair that’s a little healthier than the usual pumpkin-themed indulgences.

3. Get to those chores

There are tons of ways to sneak in some physical activities without feeling like you’re exercising. A great way to do that is to rake leaves in your yard or do some housecleaning. This will allow you to be productive while getting that heart rate up. 

4. Bake pears

Looking for a healthier dessert alternatives? Baked pears make for an absolutely decadent treat that’s still light and refreshing. Cut them in half, take out the core and stuff them with yogurt, honey and walnuts. Put them in foil and bake in the oven for a treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about. 

5. Keep an eye out for berries on sale

This will save you effort and money, especially since fresh berries always seem to go bad fast. Whether you like to top your parfaits with berries or prepare smoothies, buying berries in bulk when they’re in season and then freezing them is the ultimate hack. When they’re in season, they’re often less expensive, and freezing them will only degrade a small amount of Vitamin C.

6. Snack on pumpkin seeds rather than chips

Pumpkin seeds are filled with fiber, potassium, magnesium and even L-tryptophan which can help insomniacs sleep better. Add these seeds to your yogurt or snack on some toasted ones, which are supremely satisfying and still have a nutritional boost.

7. Cook veggies in a big single batch

Making meal prep makes your weeknights a lot easier, and it also makes healthy eating a breeze. Take advantage of those root veggies and pick out your favorite, whether that’s acorn squash or zucchini. Either bake or steam them and pull them out to reheat. You can also partially boil them and cube them in the freezer for an easy prep that lasts longer.

8. Drink apple cider vinegar

AVC can speed up the metabolism, reducing bloating while balancing out your body’s pH. It can also act as a digestive aid. Plus, if you’re one of those people who gets a fall cough every year, a spoonful of this superfood can coat your throat and ward off bacteria.

9. Heat up a smoothie for a twist on hot chocolate

A cold smoothie isn’t exactly desirable when it’s getting cold outside. Stay cozy by mixing ingredients like oat or almond milk with oat, cocoa powder, and flavored protein powders. Either microwave ingredients or blend till it reaches the desired temperature. 

10. Pre-pay for workouts

When there are higher stakes like losing money or getting charged a cancellation fee, there’s a greater chance that you’ll show up to a workout. Pre-paying for workouts in a MindBoy package or on ClassPass will motivate you to stick with it once the summer’s over. Bring a friend along to make it even more motivating.

11. Make a hearty salad

Make use of those fall-inspired gourd veggies and seeds with a hearty salad, which is still filling but less acidic and heavy than foods like stuffing and pie. Adding squash or pumpkin, along with some seeds and your favorite dressing will help you feel satiated but still energized rather than heavy and bloated.

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