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14 Tips For Achieving Baby Smooth Skin14 Tips For Achieving Baby Smooth Skin

Good skin is more than just solid genetic luck — it’s a mix of diet, skincare products, and protection techniques that will have people wondering just how you’ve discovered the fountain of youth. Here are the most foolproof tips for getting baby smooth skin, starting today. 

1. Drink plenty of water

Hydrating is pretty much the first and biggest step when it comes to improving your skin. Even people with chronic skin conditions will find that drinking water helps flush out toxins and waste, which ultimately lead to blemishes and blackheads. It also makes skin dry and causes a loss of elasticity.

2. Always take off makeup

Even if you just wear a little bit of makeup, it’s very important to remove it before bed. Try to do so with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of natural nutrients and oils that can actually maintain your grow. 

3. Use that SPF

The faces of women who wear sunscreen compared to those who haven’t is jaw-dropping. If you leave the house, no matter the season, you should always wear sunscreen. Not only will this protect you from skin cancer, but it can stop premature aging and acne too!

4. Cleanse twice a day

Cleaning your face is as important as taking off makeup. Use a gentle cleanser (only once a day if your skin is very sensitive) and remember to wash, since doing so removes dead cells and build up of oil. Clean with freshly washed hands in circular, outward movements and gently pat dry.

5. Eat healthy

Lots of junk food means pimples and patchy, unhealthy looking skin. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies means natural radiance, and a smooth, even look throughout. If you drink and smoke a lot, your skin will also suffer — smoking stops free flow of oxygen in your blood and can cause you to prematurely age, while alcohol causes swelling and dehydration.

6. Keep calm and carry on

High stress levels can contribute to aged skin and wrinkles, since at the root, hormonal changes are what’s causing it. If you have lower stress, that means less cortisol, and better skin. Stay positive!

7. Exfoliate

Just like cleansing is important for getting that dead skin off, exfoliating is important too. You can do this through beads, or something like AHA, otherwise known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid. 

8. Get your 8 hours

Sleeping is great for your skin, and a lack of it (or poor quality) can wreak havoc. Sleep is when we rest and recover, and our skin is no exception to that. When exhausted, eyes look sunken in, skin looks sallow and tired. When you get rest, your skin appears fresh and plump, with more awake looking eyes. 

9. Sweat when possible

Whether you get this done through intimate time, regular exercise, or a sauna, sweating (and workouts particularly) induce more blood to be pumped through your face’s vessels, which has healing properties in the skin. Doing this can also prevent inflammation and free radical damage. Sweating also voids your pores of debris.

10. Medical Treatments

From chemical peels to microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing, there are plenty of non-invasive, in-office treatments that your dermatologist can complete on you to reveal baby-soft, brand-new skin. However, the downtime of healing from these treatments is often more time-consuming than more gradual changes like the ones we’ve previously mentioned. 

11. Use products with collagen

While some foods can also promote collagen production, collagen is what slowly decreases over time and as we get older. Using products infused with it can help us regain that plump and youthful look that’s so often desired. 

12. Moisturize skin when you get out of the shower

Skin is most dried out after taking a shower (particularly a hot one) so for soft skin from head to toe, you can always nourish your skin with a lotion, oil, or butter — we love coconut oil and shea butter, but they may be better for colder weather.

13. Use a humidifier

Since such a common culprit of bad skin is dryness, we suggest getting a humidifier, which will save your skin from having all the moisture sucked out of it. This will keep your skin dewy, and also make it easier to sleep at night.

14. Add certain nutrients to your diet

Eating healthy is one thing, but targeting certain nutrients will help keep that skin as radiant and smooth as possible. These ingredients include: healthy fats, selenium, zinc, protein and Vitamins A, C, and E. 

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