41-Year-Old Slice Of Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake Stored At Ripleys Warehouse

41-Year-Old Slice Of Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake Stored At Ripleys Warehouse
41-Year-Old Slice Of Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake Stored At Ripleys Warehouse

In February 1981, Diana Spender wed Charles, Prince of Wales, becoming the iconic Princess Di and changing the world in the process.

To the shock of many people, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not warehouse contains a couple of slices of wedding cake from Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding in 1981, making it a literal slice of history. This extremely stale slice of cake still looks gorgeous, but we wouldn’t recommend eating it. 

One is nicely wrapped in ribbon and protection and says “Lady Diana Spencer” on it. The other, which is still relatively intact, was displayed in this YouTube video unboxing the preserved fruit cake.

When you think of a traditional wedding cake, you might think of a towering vanilla cake covered in fluffy white icing. However, this cake is a fruitcake, which is the traditional cake for royal weddings. 

This tradition is steeped in history. The fruitcake, made with brandy or rum, was the go-to choice for weddings in older times when refrigeration wasn’t available. Its preservation qualities made it a popular option, ensuring that the joy of the wedding could be savored long after the event. 


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It also helped bakers, who often spent days or weeks decorating cakes and needed something that wouldn’t be stale and ruined. It might not be your first choice for the cake at your own wedding, but we understand why it was so well-liked back then.

Shockingly, the cake is still technically edible due to this! The raisins are still plump, and the cake looks beautiful despite its age. Another fun fact: this cake stood five feet tall and weighed 225 pounds, making it a behemoth to transport for this royal wedding. 

This unique dessert sits alongside a collection of royal wedding cakes, including ones from William and Kate’s wedding, Charles and Camilla’s wedding, Princess Anne’s wedding, and even a slice from Queen Elizabeth’s 1947 wedding cake. 

While Diana’s story ended tragically, it’s heartwarming to have a tangible reminder of a joyous moment from her life. A moment that over 750 million people watched from their couches. This preserved piece of cake, a testament to her life and legacy, serves as a poignant reminder of everything she did for our world. 

Would you take a bite out of this brandy-soaked wedding cake that’s over four decades old?

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