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9 Most Handsome Beards In Hollywood9 Most Handsome Beards In Hollywood

If you want to look more handsome, just grow a beard! Hollywood actors are no strangers to facial hair. In fact, they are the biggest trend-setters when it comes to beards. Whether it’s a messy beard (that looks incredibly attractive by the way) or a perfectly trimmed masterpiece on a handsome face, celebrity beards are impossible to ignore. Here are 9 most handsome beards in Hollywood.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is one of those men who really knows how to wear a beard. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to play a Viking God! Being one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, he can pull off any look. Yet he likes his facial hair looking all trimmed and neat.

Zac Efron
What do you do when you want to man up a little bit? Right, you grow a beard! Zac Efron was probably tired of his Disney persona and decided to send a message to all his fans. He’s a man, not a boy anymore!

Jared Leto
The lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars is one gorgeous man with more talents than we can count. We’ve seen him baby-faced back in the day and all clean-shaven for the role of Joker, yet lately he’s been trending a striking bearded style, which makes him stand out even more.

Bradley Cooper
We’re more used to the clean-shaved version of Bradley Cooper, but this man is so good-looking that he can pull off literally anything – even a huge bush growing on his face! It suits him in a strange way and adds a wild vibe of a mountain guy living somewhere in the forest. Do we like it? We love it!

Kit Harington
You probably know Kit Harington from the Game of Thrones where he plays charismatic Northern leader Jon Snow. His character is rocking a barely-there beard with accurately trimmed moustache, and that’s exactly the look of Kit Harrington in real life. A beard just makes him look more mature and confident.

Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm is talented, successful, and bearded. Okay, maybe he doesn’t always wear a beard, but when he does – we simply can’t take our eyes off him! The foxy look, the hint of grey, the prefect suit… he’s like a dream come true for millions of ladies out there.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman is a talented actor, amazing human being, and one of the most handsome guys in Hollywood. We’ve seen him extra hairy as Wolverine, but in real life he prefers to tone things down a notch.

Jason Momoa
Beard is a natural part of Jason Momoa’s look, which makes him even more masculine. In fact, he looks so good with a beard that all his on-screen characters also have one.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy is one of the edgiest actors in Hollywood. You’ve probably seen him in Venom, which hit the screens not so long ago, but the look that really impressed us was in a TV show called Taboo. That beard paired with short hair makes him look almost dangerous!

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