How to invest money in proper mutual fund to get high returns in 2022 – Wordva

[ad_1] You should also examine your risk tolerance because mutual funds are classified into three groups based on risk, namely large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap funds. There are theme funds available, such as pharmaceutical funds. Small-cap funds, for example, are riskier than mid-cap funds. Even with the reinstatement of the long-term capital gains tax, stocks remain … Read more

Biggest policy updates in mutual fund in 2022 – Wordva

[ad_1] The swing pricing system will be utilised primarily for scenarios involving net outflows from high-risk open-ended debt schemes. It will be a hybrid structure with a partial swing during normal periods and a full swing during market dislocations. Swing pricing must apply to all unitholders during both normal and market dislocation conditions for redemptions … Read more