September 28, 2022
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Icarus Update Patch Notes (A Features)

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A brand new Icarus August replace is offered to obtain on PC (Steam). In line with the official Icarus patch notes, the most recent replace added new options, fixes and enhancements.

Sadly, because the last major update, gamers are dealing with a number of points. At the moment’s Icarus patch will tackle a number of of those errors.

Additionally, test Icarus best graphics settings here.

Icarus Patch Notes – September 23, 2022

New Content material

  • Juvenile creatures present process taming course of at the moment are legitimate targets for different NPCs hostile to participant
  • Juvenile animals now use their very own customized BTs as an alternative of utilizing present GOAP behaviours when taming course of begins.
  • Improved really feel of juvenile comply with behaviour. Added capability to specify delayed secondary montage sections in base BTTask_PlayMontage.
  • Added non permanent well being bar UI when using mount
  • Added model 2 of the feeding trough in addition to proxy meshs for hay, seeds, and veggies to fill it

Mum or dad NPCs now have little one set as ProtectedActor by default if GOAP behaviour requires it. Moa are now not absolutely aggressive, will solely assault participant in the event that they close to the moa or it’s little one

  • Added weight part to mount base, mounts can now have an effect on constructing stability when standing on items
  • Added performance to detect when GOAP NPCs are falling out of the world and clear them up appropriately on this case
  • Add fight music setup for M creature
  • Added mount mattress asset to the venture
  • Juveniles and Mounts will now freeze motion / AI when the world tile they’re standing on is unloaded
  • Adjusted geo on Mount Mattress asset to accommodate placement on non flat floor
  • Buffalo mount is now not in a position to mine voxels
  • Added most restrict of 30 characters for tamed mount identify
  • Implement abilities for unlocking animal mattress, meals trough and saddles.
  • Steadiness recipes and weight for animal mattress, meals trough and saddles.
  • Put together future saddles knowledge
  • Added juvenile moa and juvenile buffalo carcass gadgets

Including in new part to Moa idle montage and decreased the anim part weighting that incorporates the vocalization to chop down on the repitition, added in new entry for juvenile idle in order that the audio will be tweaked to distinguish it from the grownup

  • SM_ITM_Saddle_Buffalo mesh, textures and materials
  • SM_ITM_Saddle_Moa mesh, textures and materials
  • Including teenage M creature idle nip vocalisation to animation
  • Fastened bug the place juveniles could possibly be routinely cleaned up by the worldwide spawn supervisor when their father or mother died. PossessedPlayers EQS Question Context now consists of mounted gamers
  • Juvenile taming progress is now serialised appropriately. Mounts and Juveniles now have their D_AISetup row initialised appropriately on reload.
  • Added new generic NPC recorder part that data AISetup row and survival values
  • A server-wide chat message is now displayed at any time when a juvenile present process taming is killed
  • Mounts can now drink from water troughs and lakes. Added new water trough merchandise. Eliminated developer-only function flag from mount/juvenile associated belongings. Mounts will now solely seek for meals in meals troughs as an alternative of utilizing the identical question as Kea (all containers with meals)
  • Added new stock kind
  • Moved saddles to T3 at Superior Textiles Bench. This slight further funding will make mounts really feel much less required by all gamers.
  • Renamed Primary Pack Saddle to Primary Pack Harness, to raised differentiate ridable tames
  • Including audio for Juve Buff to distinguish it between the principle buff
  • Including in full go weighted skeletal mesh saddles for the Moa and Buffalo with physics asset setups to permit for anim dynamics

Added processor recipe and expertise unlock for the water trough as a part of the domestication loop, at present utilizing the identical price values because the meals trough and in the identical part of the blueprint tree

  • Added correct go mess for the meals trough within the deployable and deployable preview, up to date water trough BP to the identical and swapped out the animal bedding BP mesh to the right go mesh
  • Including M creature aggro vocals in and knowledge desk entries
  • Including in Buffalo Pack harness mesh, beforehand referred to as the saddle bag, and setup physics belongings for anim dynamics, created copy pose anim bp and attached the belongings to the D_Saddles knowledge desk, added in stat to D_ItemsStatic to allow for cargo use solely so gamers can’t journey on it
  • Added flavour textual content for weekly patch gadgets
  • Added descriptions for weekly patch gadgets
  • Mounts now act like regular NPCs when killed (ragdoll -> freeze -> changed with corpse).
  • Gamers can now not journey saddles in the event that they’re tagged as cargo-only.
  • Shifted base ragdoll logic from BP_IcarusNPCGOAPCharacter to IcarusNPCCharacter. Adjusted IcarusNPCCharacter knowledge validation to disregard socket necessities for NPCs with out SkeletalMeshes
  • Including in M creature stomp sound and notify
  • Including Buff bounce occasion, changes to velocity variations in footsteps and touchdown impacts
  • Utilized mount stock design idea to UMG_MountInterface, added UMG_MountCommands widget, redid UMG_MountInventory and separated saddle from it into its personal widget
  • Added model of the Meals trough to make use of as a water trough, barely tweaked the mesh and hue shifted the inside boards to push away visually from the meals trough, attached int he BP_Water_Trough mesh entry
  • Added IsValid test to stop warnings on getting the gamers state from the participant seated on the mount
  • Including M creature particular whoosh assault sound, changes and common effective tunes to total expertise and spawn charges and small quantity tweaks and spacializer enhancements
  • Extra common mount enhancements. Tweaks to leap timing and higher velocity transitions. different small mount enhancements
  • Added Gfur to the Mount Mattress BP. Adjusted Mount Mattress mesh and LODs to minimise crashing
  • Resaved Trough DM with totally different materials ID identify to repair warning on startup
  • Participant can now not ‘declare’ an unclaimed mount in the event that they have already got one, imposing a restrict of 1 lively, alive tame per participant.
  • Mounts will now retailer no matter that they had of their cargo / saddle inventories into their corpse when killed
  • Add Moa to Conifer SpawnZones on Oly and Styx. Add to Desert for Styx
  • Add OLY prefix to Olympus AISpawnZones and delete unused entries
  • Add DT validation to detect unused AISpawnZone rows
  • Basic enhancements to each buffalo and moa mount audio primarily based on playtest. Adjusted swimming audio to be extra acceptable for buffalo and so forth
  • Added Digital camera FreeLook help whereas using mounts, at present features the identical as Participant Third Individual FreeLook
  • Can now CTRL-Click on gadgets between mount saddle and cargo inventories
  • Mounts can now not dash whereas leaping
  • Objects contained inside mount cargo stock at the moment are dropped as overflow when eradicating geared up saddle
  • Can now not equip unsupported saddles on mounts. Added new IInventoryModerator interface that lets actors implementing it add further logic when checking merchandise/slot validity. Renamed pack harness merchandise to make it apparent that it’s for Buffalo solely
  • Juveniles can now not set off a killcam. Shifted technology of aim-assist goal part to BP NPC GOAP Character
  • When initially led by a participant, juvenile mounts will now begin with low starvation and sleep, to stop taming progress from beginning till participant has returned to their base/camp
  • Eliminated one mount per participant restrict
  • Fastened moa & juvenile moa swimming above the floor of the water
  • Quantity of digital camera lag on mount saddle spring arm is now decreased when participant is wanting backwards
  • Including moa bones belongings for after the skinned and harvested state which have been beforehand lacking and assigned to the Moa and Mount_Moa corpse BP’s
  • Audio implementation for creature vs creature hit sounds, audio nonetheless to be added. Carried out SpawnHitEffects occasion in mount base so we get visible hit results when a mount damages an NPC
  • Extra enhancements to moa behaviors. Including sit vocal and different small tweaks
  • Add icons for AnimalBed, Meals and Water Troughs and Saddles
  • Take away pointless defines for ITEM_Missing icon itemable entries
  • Refactor mount audio state replace operate to be extra strong. Add Enjoyable audio state when mount is in Mendacity Down motion state
  • Renamed Primary Buffalo Pack Harness to Buffalo Pack Harness
  • Moved Primary Using Saddle to T2.
  • Set PM for Saddle materials
  • Add/tweak LODs for saddles
  • Add StaticMesh variations of saddles for world context dropping
  • Replace Meshable entries for Saddles and Water Trough to level to new meshes and proper BPs
  • Growing mount moa and buffalo stamina base regen delay and delay from empty, decreased each mounts base stamina regen flat price barely, tremendously elevated each mount base well being and barely elevated buffalo base stamina, doubled the time from 15min to 30min to cultivate each juvenile creatures
  • Changes and enhancements to moa mount footstep mix layers for different surfaces and likewise including calm down idle occasion with decrease extra mild layers
  • Add help for Water Trough to fill when raining and never sheltered
  • Disable shadow casting on water aircraft mesh
  • Gamers can now solely place uncooked fruit/veggies within the animal meals trough
  • Upping juvenile spawn probability to 75% when their father or mother kind spawns
  • Growing the buffalo flip price whereas sprinting to make it really feel a bit extra in step with the momentum
  • Added default D_AISetup rows to each juvenile character BPs
  • Added a neighborhood controller test to ToggleThirdPerson to repair attainable desync when the consumer switches to 3rd particular person
  • Including stress-free state audio for laying down for moa mount, adjustment to vocal sit timing, additionally including gore sounds for creatures damaging creatures
  • Can now activate/deactivate present mild slot merchandise when mounted
  • Add default AI_Setup row to Moa BP
  • Added Mount and Taming icons for UI. Added a button that swaps icons on toggle
  • Including modifier states to make use of for tame starvation and thirst ranges to impact heath and stamina regen values in addition to movespeed and regen delays
  • ITM_Saddle for Moa, Buffalo and Harness textures replace
  • Prolonged performance of recent IconSwap button UMG. First integration of mount ‘Instructions’ UMG with AI behaviours. UMG_Titlebar textual content now scales to suit if father or mother slot is just too small
  • Enabled Moa skinning rewards. – Added skinning occasion descriptions for juvenile Moa and Buffalo
  • Added capability to fill water skins/canteens from water troughs
  • Add distinctive Child variations for Moa and Buffalo loot which is about half of grownup
  • Replace Moa loot to be Chicken as an alternative of Gamey
  • Lowering base time to cultivate each moa and buffalo to twenty min
  • Including medium distant moa idle sounds for higher mixing between shut medium and much distances. Eradicating previous unused belongings
  • Including extra acceptable deploy sound for the animal troughs
  • Basic finessing to audio spawn charges of moas and distancing tweaking
  • Including in a lock to creature assault whereas sprinting, much like the bounce, this helps with the buffalo slide assault in addition to offers one other expertise unlock alternative
  • Replace descriptions on new Mounts associated content material, Troughs, Saddles, and so forth to be extra descript
  • Add Itemable descriptions for Komodo BearCub, Buffalo and Moa carcasses
  • Shifted mount behaviour toggles into stock display screen. Added textual content to show present mount behaviour on instructions panel. Mounts set to aggressive behaviour will now take into account anybody who just lately attacked their proprietor a legitimate, hostile goal
  • Eliminated developer-only lock on new instructions panel in mount interface. Instructions panel in mount interface is now hidden if you happen to’re not the proprietor
  • Including in a easy hazard avoidance on the mount motion conduct tree, preliminary implementation
  • Including weight bar to mount show


  • Fastened bug the place Kea wouldn’t ignore meals containers that have been over the utmost distance when trying to eat
  • Fastened bug the place map icons wouldn’t seem if participant wasn’t possessing their participant character
  • Fastened a bug the place the ‘Multiplayer Ghost Buildings’ setting can be turned off however you would nonetheless see deployable ghosts from different gamers
  • Fastened bug the place juveniles wouldn’t eat until they have been additionally drained
  • Take away out of date Beta Weekend UI belongings from venture
  • Take away FTUE UMG content material from Area Major Menu with the intention to not load belongings not wanted
  • Take away hardcoded references to deleted string desk entries for BW4 Satellites mission
  • Fastened a bug the place the multiplayer ghost settings being turned off would nonetheless present different gamers placement helpers
  • Fastened a bug the place if the participant mounted a creature and was at a distance that the identify UI over their head would dissapear, when coming again into vary, the identify can be seen however it will not be right and as an alternative present ‘Check Human’
  • Fastened bug the place purchasers (and server) couldn’t see present juvenile ‘father or mother’ in device tip textual content
  • Fastened a bug the place when going right into a cave whereas using a mount wont trigger the caveworms to disclose themselves
  • Modified Accolade Ribbon texture compression to DXT1 to scale back reminiscence consumption by ~75MB
  • Set Texture Compression on Merchandise Icons to be DXT5 with the intention to scale back reminiscence consumption by round 250MB
  • Fastened a bug the place the participant can be in first particular person perspective, mount onto a creature after which on dismount would at all times be in third particular person perspective
  • Participant Meals/Water/Oxygen reset to twenty% on revive, even when it was greater earlier than, guarantee participant is receives the higher of earlier values, or 20% of max meals/water/oxygen on revive
  • Add DT Validation for Abilities DT to flag any rows with no Expertise Tree outlined as invalid. Deleted a number of entries that matched this standards
  • Fastened subject the place gamers didn’t get the immediate to cancel present taming operation. Fastened juvenile moa not animating.
  • Fastened subject the place juveniles would solely eat from unsheltered meals troughs.
  • Lowered capsule dimension of Moa/Buffalo Juveniles and Moa Mount to make sure they’ll freely navigate by single doorways and different small areas.
  • Fastened Buffalo LookAt snapping after ending present montage.
  • Tweaked location and dimension of juvenile/mount head blocker collision
  • Fastened bug the place participant could possibly be left in mid air if mount they have been using on was improperly destroyed (with out going although ActorState injury path)
  • Creatures positioned on the skinning bench don’t get ragdoll physics when loading recreation, enhance each settle time and minimal velocity when corpses are positioned on skinning bench, add physics shapes to edges of skinning bench to stop corpses from falling off throughout settle
  • Fastened a bug the place hopping off a mount would do the setup for putting the gamers map icon permitting a single participant to have many icons stacked ontop of one another and inflicting a heavier icon shadow each time you dismount
  • Fastened lacking ‘NOT’ operator when checking whether or not or not a participant can journey on a cargo saddle
  • Fastened a bug the place when choosing a carcass up, a button would pop as much as ‘place’ the carcass. This button has been eliminated to scale back confusion
  • Replace Visible Map textures for T016/T017/T019 to make use of DXT1 compression which reduces reminiscence consumption by 90% (80MB per map)
  • Delete previous (2020) unused PROC textures for Olympus
  • Fastened subject the place juveniles have been slowly getting thirsty and not using a means of consuming, Juveniles now not lose water over time. Fastened leather-based curtain doorways incorrectly affecting navigation, NPCs ought to now have the ability to navigate appropriately although.
  • Fastened Buffalo Juvenile not having a appropriately scaled fabric affector
  • Fastened a number of mount interface UI show points
  • Repair splash sound typically not enjoying when participant jumps into water
  • Take away debug data from IcarusSplineNet exhibiting in Debug builds by gating it behind a Bool within the BP
  • Fastened recreation crash by including ‘Permit CPU Entry’ to new Animal Mattress fur mesh
  • Updates and enhancements to mount audio. High quality tuned moa / buffalo footsteps, swimming volumes and common finessing of the mounting expertise
  • Take away Growth function degree requirement from mount AI audio knowledge. Take away risk audio configuration from juvenile buffalo audio knowledge
  • Fastened Buffalo mount utilizing flawed collision profile for it’s fabric affector part
  • Fastened bug the place mount cargo stock UI would turn out to be invisible when re-opening the mount interface. Added non permanent UI in Mount cargo stock to recommend participant equips saddle to entry cargo. Hid ‘Abilities’ tab in mount interface
  • Added lacking herbivore meals tag question knowledge
  • Mount behaviour actions UI is now hidden behind developer function degree. Collapsed WIP survival worth indicators on on-HUD mount well being bar
  • Fastened a bug that as a consequence of an oversight on eradicating the deployable part, the participant may now not harvest bones from a corpse. Added question for animal corpse as an alternative of utilizing deployable tag that fixes this
  • Mount survival UMG well being bar is now scaled 50%
  • Corrected bus routing for mounts and likewise including needler demise vocals and occasion
  • Repair creature demise fall audio not enjoying on purchasers. Adjustments in how we instantiate NPC ActorState part meant it could possibly be null when creature audio part initialised, so now am ready till the ActorState is legitimate earlier than binding to demise occasions
  • Fastened subject with juvenile tames the place they’d get destroyed if there have been no gamers close by
  • Fastened bug the place cargo gadgets wouldn’t get ejected correctly when eradicating geared up saddle; Mount merchandise overflow location wasn’t getting up to date after preliminary spawn
  • Changed mount command icons and barely adjusted spacing between buttons in MountCommands. Barely adjusted animation in ToggleButton_IconSwap
  • Shifted head collider for Moa to hopefully repair subject the place they spawn underground
  • Fastened a bug the place the animal spotlight expertise wouldn’t spotlight juvenile animals
  • Corrected timing for juvi moa nip idle vocal
  • Take away ITEM_Missing icon defines
  • Updating Mount UI, positioned inside a border
  • Mount Dash velocity is now displayed in stat listing and assault data has been eliminated
  • Fixing Mount UI Stats so that they corretly present the Mount stats and never the gamers
  • Lowered most distance mounts will journey to drink from close by water our bodies
  • Adjusted instructions structure, briefly eliminated button animation. Barely adjusted MountInterface Format
  • Modified mount/juvenile comply with behaviour to permit motion off navmesh
  • Tweaked CritHead spheres on Buffalo and Scorpions to verify they encapsulate desired space
  • Mounts set to ‘Passive’ fight mode will try and run from close by hostile actors.
  • Fastened bug the place mount standing results weren’t displaying correctly within the stock display screen
  • Mounts will now not try and run from hostiles when following participant
  • Code Fixes and Cleanup for Mount Character Class
  • Water and meals trough deployables now not block navigation
  • Fastened collision on concrete, aluminium, thatch and wooden stairs to permit mounts to climb them correctly

Future Content material

  • Allow footstep and different motion programs to work with lava lakes:
  • Add Lava bodily materials and floor kind, and add corresponding knowledge to D_Surfaces and FMOD floor sorts
  • Replace lakes to set physics quantity PM override utilizing their materials’s PM if it’s non-default, and apply Lava PM to lava supplies
  • Replace floor floor checks and so forth. to deal with water objects with non-water surfaces
  • Assigning correct texture teams to varied DLC foliage
  • Fastened warning that was being displayed as a result of it didn’t detect the key phrase ‘new’ within the listing or identify
  • Added Rocks to Geothermal Lake, Exchange Macros with IMP & Panorama Painted LC Space on Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Panorama portray, cliff placement, and frozen lakes placement, Blue Quad, DLC
  • Panorama Sculpting, Panorama Portray and Riverbank Move, Inexperienced Quad, Prometheus
  • Preliminary setup to supply some lava movement parameters to lava river audio:
  • Add a step to WT_RiverSpline content material baking which finds lava movement level actors which overlap spline factors, extracts related knowledge and passes it to the generated river actors
  • Add runtime performance to river audio elements to calculate lava movement values from the cached knowledge
  • This strategy is a essential workaround since we will’t entry the precise values calculated by the lava movement factors at runtime or pattern the RVT from BP
  • Added BPs for SW_Mangrove_Var2, SW_Mangrove_Var3, and SW_Mangrove_Var4
  • Including extra foliage to check scene
  • Ice Waterfall Prime – meshes, textures, materials added
  • Ice Waterfall Backside – 3x meshes, textures, materials added
  • Reimported APEX_BLD_Wall_Triangle_L/R meshes to repair warning msgs about dangerous normals
  • Testing texture setting optimization by eradicating a set of icons from the UI texturegroup to see in the event that they’re nonetheless absolutely loaded routinely
  • Added RVT possibility for Lava Lake Materials
  • Replace lava river movement audio values to transition extra easily by lerping in weight when approaching boundaries of movement zones
  • Added Deffered decals materials for snow transtions to assist frozen river to waterfall mix
  • D_LC_ErosionRockBlend – edited materials to extend displacement
  • Including Clay Brick Buildings & Depoloyables Datatable Setup, Blueprints, Recipes and Abilities
  • Fixing Varied Constructing Tag queries which the place returning true when the mustn’t have been (For instance Aluminium was thought it was Stone)
  • Including Iron Sledgehammer merchandise to datatables
  • Including new stats for Shattering Injury and Shattering Yield
  • Adjustments to the standard of code as per the code assessment: ICRST-CR-208
  • Modified TextureGroup again to UI on check icon set as check (CL 101272) failed
  • Including Iron Sledgehammer Expertise and Recipe
  • Fixing Misaligned Masonary Bench on T2 Blueprint Tree
  • Including Shattering Injury and Yeild to the Iron Sledgehammer
  • Including T2/T3/T4 Mission Communication Units Information desk Setup, together with Recipes, Abilities, Account Flags
  • LavaFlow mesh import adjustment on Z worth
  • Completed Including Rocks to Geothermal Lakes, Completed Exchange Macros with IMP & Painted Decals Round Lava Lakes on Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Swamp Macros – LOD go, materials edits on 01, plus GL and TU variants
  • Panorama Sculpting, Panorama Portray and Riverbank Move, Inexperienced Quad, Prometheus
  • Panorama portray, cliff placement, and decal go in arctic biome, Blue Quad, DLC
  • Set FrozenLake to be a BP to permit vertex portray
  • Including Neelder Assault audio and occasion
  • Including needler flinch audio and occasion
  • LavaFlow mesh – reimported with Z worth adjustment (mounted dangerous import)
  • Up to date Prospect pictures to make use of DXT1 compression to avoid wasting reminiscence. Repair supply file places/names
  • Add calls to a footstep receiver interface when the participant stands on an actor. Allows us so as to add customized footstep sweeteners on particular world objects
  • Repair technology points on WT_GeothermalSpline
  • Added spline rotation operate to single mesh splines on WT_RiverbankSpline device to enhance common mesh placement
  • Swamp Macros – LOD go, materials edits on 02, plus GL and TU variants
  • Panorama portray, cliff placement, and decal go in arctic biome, Blue Quad, DLC
  • added larkwell armor textures, supplies and mesh pack
  • Panorama Sculpting, Panorama Portray and Riverbank Move, Inexperienced Quad, Prometheus
  • Added CustomPrimitiveData variable for Snow Top on Tundra Rocks
  • moved larkwell mesh pack to it’s right folder
  • Swamp Macros – LOD go, materials edits on 03, plus GL and TU variants
  • Enhance CF Grass LOD settings to stop billboard meshes being loaded so near digital camera
  • Including in a brand new moa dash bounce animation to be unlocked by a expertise afterward

At present, Icarus servers are down on PS(Steam). Examine Icarus server status here.

Obtain free Icarus replace on PC (Steam).

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