September 27, 2022
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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.13 Patch Notes

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Jurassic World Evolution 2 replace 1.13 is on the market on PS4. In accordance with the official JWE 2 replace 1.13 patch notes, the most recent replace added Late Cretaceous Pack and a protracted checklist of bug fixes. Aside from this, Jurassic World Evolution 2 patch 1.13 additionally contains stability and efficiency enhancements. Learn extra particulars right here.

Beforehand, a major patch was launched that added Dominion Biosyn Growth to the sport. Lately, a hotfix was additionally launched.

Sadly, gamers are going through numerous bugs with the sport. At this time’s Jurassic World Evolution 2 model 1.13 will repair a number of of those points.

JWE 2 replace 1.13 patch notes – September 15, 2022

DLC 4 –  “Late Cretaceous Pack”**Prehistoric Species**

  • 4 x New Species
    • Flying Reptile
    • Dinosaurs
      • Alamosaurus
      • Australovenator
    • Marine Reptile

Replace 4 **Options**
Park Groups

  • Added the flexibility to get up tranquillised dinosaurs utilizing the brand new “Stimulant Dart” both instantly or via process project
  • Added the flexibility to manually take management of an aviary or lagoon drone from the aviary or lagoon hatcheries. Manually carry out duties comparable to:
    • Tranquillise
    • Stimulate
    • Medicate
    • Feeder Resupply
    • Pictures
    • Medical and Welfare Scans

Dinosaur Behaviours

  • Seize Workforce helicopters can now be attacked by flying reptiles
    • Sure escaped flying reptiles will now assault Seize Groups
      • Cearadactylus
      • Geosternbergia
      • Maaradactylus
      • Pteranodon
      • Tropeognathus
      • Quetzalcoatlus
    • Seize Groups now present a situation bar
    • Destroyed Seize Groups have to have alternative groups bought
  • Marine reptiles will now assault lagoon partitions when uncomfortable and may turn out to be injured


  • Added the flexibility to vary the color of sure lights inside sure Decorations with a brand new Lighting tab inside the Decorations panel
    • New subsection containing all of the decorations with editable lights in a single place
    • Added “Edit Mild Color” mode that permits you to click on and paint lights inside the stage rapidly
      • The sport will swap over to night time time setting whereas on this mode, to assist mild color modifications
  • Added land-based decorations
    • 4 x Jurassic Park Banners (JP)
    • 1 x Jurassic Park Mild (JP)
    • 1 x Spinosaurus Signal (JP)
    • 1 x Bathroom (JP)
  • Added skill to connect decorations to the sides of all lagoons and added the next decorations
    • 1 x Lagoon Fountain (All)
    • 2 x Lagoon Planters (All)
    • 1 x Lagoon Jurassic Park Banner (JP)
    • 1 x Lagoon Jurassic Park Pillars (JP)
    • 2 x Lagoon Jurassic World Sails (JW)
  • Added skill to connect decorations to the underside of all lagoons and added the next decorations
    • 2 x Lagoon Cages (All)
    • 4 x Lagoon Lights (All)
    • 5 x Lagoon Rocks (All)
    • 2 x Lagoon Boats (All)
    • 2 x Lagoon Thermal Vents (All)
    • 5 x Lagoon Coral (All)
    • 1 x Indominus Rex Skeleton (All)
  • Added amenity and attraction constructing decorations
    • 3 x Planters
    • 1 x Amber Planter
    • 2 x Fountains
    • 1 x Pole
    • 1 x Jurassic Park Pillar

Seize Mode

  • Added further overlay choices to the Seize Mode filters
    • Added 6 x postcard overlays
    • Added 4 x stamp overlays

High quality of Life Updates


  • Cameras
    • Sport digital camera can now be moved into the water of lagoons
  • Lagoons
    • Adjusted the readability/transparency of the lagoon water
  • Buildings
    • Adjusted the readability of the lagoon viewing stands glass so you possibly can see extra into the lagoon water
    • Added the flexibility to toggle between a number of viewing factors on visitor buildings
      • Added viewing factors to the Amphitheatre constructing
    • Added choice to cover the UI when in Visitor Views
  • Park Groups
    • When one dinosaur is welfare scanned by a Ranger Workforce, it would now additionally scan all dinosaurs in its territory and all dinosaurs in cohabiting/shared territories
    • Made it doable to re-open a park tour by assigning a Ranger Workforce to any constructing linked to its tour community, as an alternative of only a single constructing
  • Excursions
    • Permit excursions to be linked in both course
    • Gamers can now select the journey course of their excursions
    • Present the tour journey course on the observe
  • Dinosaurs
    • Readjusted the size of the Jurassic Park 3 Pteranodon
    • Optimised and diminished the price of feathered species for the Species Restrict on PS4 and Xbox One consoles
    • Allow marine reptiles’ standing icons to be seen underwater
  • Dinosaur Behaviours
    • Dinosaurs have an additional likelihood to achieve sure traits in biomes with excessive climates.
      • In Alpine and Taiga biomes, dinosaurs usually tend to acquire the Hungry trait.
      • In Desert biomes, dinosaurs usually tend to acquire the Thirsty trait.
    • Cohabitation Stability
      • Added a Likes relationship between Hadrosaurid and Ceratopsids
      • Added a Likes relationship between Ornithomimosaurids and Ceratopsids
      • Ceratopsids can now cohabit with different Ceratopsids, with sure exceptions
        • Triceratops can’t cohabit with Styracosaurus, Torosaurus or Sinoceratops
        • Torosaurus can’t cohabit with Styracosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus or Sinoceratops
        • Styracosaurus can’t cohabit with Sinoceratops
        • Sinoceratops can’t cohabit with Pachyrhinosaurus
        • Nasutoceratops can’t cohabit with Chasmosaurus or Pentaceratops
        • Chasmosaurus can’t cohabit with Pentaceratops
      • Territories now decay faster in circumstances the place the realm just isn’t fascinating, or overlaps different disliked territories, or the territory is over the dimensions it must be.
    • When two dinosaurs battle over territory overlap, take away the territory of the loser round the place the battle occurs
    • Marine Reptile territory stats will now decay barely slower
    • Permit dinosaurs that don’t battle their very own species to decide on a brand new Alpha or Herd Chief utilizing social interactions quite than fight
    • Make flying reptiles regain stamina when consuming and ingesting
  • Sandbox Mode
    • Redesigned the Sandbox Settings so it’s extra readable
    • Customized settings now are saved between periods
    • Added the flexibility to create destructive Traits when Gene Enhancing
    • Added the flexibility to have infinite Traits when Gene Enhancing
    • Added the flexibility to have infinite Trait factors when Gene Enhancing
    • Added new Cohabitation Sandbox Setting with settings for Regular, All Like or No Dislike
    • Added new On the spot Development/Destruction Setting
    • Added new Infinite Candidate Refreshes setting
    • Stop the “Dinosaur Fight Frequency” setting from disabling dinosaurs looking friends
  • Problem Mode
    • Blocked deletion of Management Centre in Problem 06
    • Exceeding the Problem species restrict not flags the save as requiring a better spec platform
    • Setup per stage save photographs for Chaos Concept Problem Mode saves
  • Chaos Concept Mode
    • Return to Isla Nublar – Added fail state to dinosaur scanning stage – all dinosaurs should be saved alive
    • Jurassic World Dominion – Altering button immediate throughout second wrangling goal to make use of the proper button
  • Loading Screens
    • Added quotes from Jurassic World Dominion to the loading display screen quote pool
  • UI
    • Made Path Capability and Overcrowding data seen throughout path placement
    • Made path heatmap data extra attentive to modifications within the park
    • Added the flexibility to make use of proper mouse click on to again out on the total display screen administration screens
    • Change the “Missions” title in Administration screens to “Missions & Contracts” in some ranges
    • Added a “Visitor Park Points” part to the Funds administration display screen to assist information gamers to methods to enhance their parks
    • Show star ranking targets on “space locked” icons which are locked by star ranking
    • Map icons for buildings, fences and tracks in locked areas now additionally seem grayed out to additional spotlight the distinction between locked areas and non-locked areas.
    • Added time remaining to subsequent refresh of Scientists within the hiring pool
    • Permit the participant to refresh Scientists within the hiring pool
      • Can be utilized as soon as per monetary interval
      • Gamers might want to pay to refresh the pool
    • Added the Scientist identify to the duty checklist for Relaxation duties
    • Added choice to assign scientists to relaxation instantly from the duty allocation display screen
    • Improved map suggestions for blueprint fences
    • Now enable hyphen enter when renaming belongings
    • Contracts – Modified all revenue and income contracts to make use of per minute values, quite than monthly.
    • Fastened incorrect save picture for Sierra Nevada sandbox stage
    • Lengthy dinosaur names don’t get truncated anymore within the egg choose panel
    • Pylon wires blocking development will now be highlighted with purple
  • Accessibility
    • Added an accessibility choice to permit for setting a customized HUD background opacity
  • Terrain
    • Now enable terrain enhancing round vacation spot flares on the panorama

Bug Fixes

  • Sandbox Mode
    • With Infinite Lifespan turned on, eliminated seen ageing and stamina results from occurring
    • Washington – Fastened the seize digital camera not having the ability to attain the ground
    • Jurassic World – Added Monorail to arrival level constructing restrict checklist; prevents you from putting further functioning arrival factors
    • Fastened scientist coaching ranges not changing into re-locked when enabling analysis in sandbox mode
    • Hidden any scientist-related data in constructing tool-tips when scientists are disabled in sandbox mode
    • Fastened reloading save on Isla Nublar 1993 resetting the color grade to “Jurassic Park”
  • Problem Mode
    • Jurassic World/Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – Modified mission giver to be Cabot Finch
  • Marketing campaign Mode
    • Fastened scenario the place scientists may have their most talent ranges elevated when being carried over from one marketing campaign stage to the subsequent
  • UI
    • Fastened “Demolish” shortcut not being current when constructing
    • Hidden the Calamity bar when in Gene Enhancing
    • Fastened the Ranger Workforce Flare taking precedence use of the F key and can’t be rebound by the participant
    • Added Antarctica landmass to the Expedition Map and moved the dig web site for the Hanson formation
    • Added the Dominion movie brand to the Sinoceratops
    • Up to date Claire Dearing portrait throughout the Jurassic World Chaos Concept stage
    • Territory alongside the sting of aviaries higher matches the form of the aviary domes
    • Fastened the Champlain Valley pores and skin variant color not matching in recreation color for Edmontosaurus
    • Hidden Issue In Save/Load Island Menus for Sandbox ranges
  • Buildings and Decorations
    • Numerous constructing artwork and optimisation enhancements
    • Fastened the DFW Emergency Shelter costing half the worth of all different Emergency Shelters
    • Fastened DFW period decorations being place-able on Chaos Concept 3
    • Fastened some Jurassic Park buildings having Jurassic World logos on them
    • Fastened being unable to demolish enclosure marker decorations with single demolish instrument
  • Dinosaurs
    • Elevated the utmost variety of transport flares in world without delay
    • Fastened comatose dinosaurs waking up when shot with tranquillisation dart
    • Fastened dinosaurs with comatose brought on by Hypothermia being woken up when shot by Seize Groups
    • Eliminated ivy poisoning from triggering outdoors of particular Chaos Concept ranges
    • Fastened a number of illness deaths displaying a special illness to at least one the dinosaur had
    • Fastened some dinosaurs getting caught on the finish of locomotion or in social interactions
    • Extra repair to maintain flying and marine reptiles of their enclosures
    • Fastened flying reptiles getting caught inside aviary hatcheries if you use multi transport solely
    • Adjusted the much less vibrant sample on the Jurassic World Pteranodon
    • Fastened ragdolling dinosaurs interacting with buildings when being winched
  • First Particular person View
    • Fastened not having the ability to start First Particular person View mode in shallow water
    • After accessing a constructing from First Particular person View, fastened the participant not being returned to First Particular person View afterwards in the event that they carried out sure actions
  • Visitors
    • Fastened friends not avoiding AI-driven gyrospheres
  • Jurassic World Database
    • Fastened Tylosaurus having incorrect food regimen data
    • Added JWDB picture for consolation gene mod
  • Park Groups and Excursions
    • Fastened helicopters when transporting a number of dinosaurs clipping into one another
    • Fastened Jurassic Tour automobiles spawning off to the facet of the observe and changing into caught
  • Species Viewer
    • Fastened Wuerhosaurus and Kentrosaurus Camp Cretaceous variants pose points within the Species Viewer
  • Environments
    • Fastened grass flickering unnaturally
  • Localisation
    • Fastened translations for Korean, French, Italian, Russian, German, and Mexican Spanish in response to gamers’ suggestions.
    • Fastened mismatches between audio and subtitles
    • Numerous localisation points fastened throughout 13 languages
  • Misc
    • Numerous stability points fastened
    • Numerous optimisations
    • Numerous textual content points fastened

Dominion Biosyn Growth Options
Added further amenity and attraction constructing decorations

  • 1 x Biosyn Lights
  • 1 x Biosyn Fountains
  • 1 x Biosyn Sculptures

Dominion Biosyn Growth **High quality of Life Updates **

  • Marketing campaign
    • Added immediate textual content to inform the participant they want 100% genome for feathered dinosaur species

Dominion Biosyn Growth Bug Fixes

  • UI
    • Fastened “Demolish” shortcut not being current when constructing the Hyperloop
    • Fastened Hatchery Upgrades analysis in Biosyn marketing campaign not granting further improve slot
    • Fastened lacking Quetzalcoatlus fossil photographs in expedition map
  • Marketing campaign
    • Fastened Scorched Earth constructing space being expanded across the Biosyn HQ
  • Decorations
    • Rustler defence decorations can now be positioned on paths
  • Chaos Concept
    • Jurassic World Dominion – Eliminated ‘Swallowed Cellphone’ from the checklist of accidents out there in order that we don’t get the odd occasion of a stay captured Compsognathus having it
  • Problem/Sandbox Mode
    • Diminished variety of Therezinosaurus & Dimetrodon fossils as some have been left over after attending to 100% genome
  • Jurassic World Database
    • Fastened Therizinosaurus size discrepancy
  • Dinosaurs
    • Fastened Therizinosaurus lacking battle animations with some opponents
    • Fastened some carnivores changing into caught when group attacking the Giganotosaurus 2022 variant
    • Up to date the Dimetrodon’s cohabitation checklist
      • Likes:
        • Hadrosaurids
        • Ornithomimosaurids
        • Pachycephalosaurids
        • Sauropods
      • Dislikes:
        • Ankylosaurids
        • Ceratopsids
        • Stegosaurids

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