Rescue Mission: The Untold Saga of Rescuing 7 Puppies from the Flames

Rescue Mission: The Untold Saga of Rescuing 7 Puppies from the Flames
Rescue Mission: The Untold Saga of Rescuing 7 Puppies from the Flames

Fortunately, the Matheu Volunteer Firefighters, in Yapeyú, northeast of Argentina, quickly responded to a warning call they made about a fire in a local field.

The agents thought that it was just a controlled fire without serious consequences after they verified that there were no lives to regret, but suddenly everything changed when they heard crying that alerted them that something was not right.

Martín Maldonado, commander of Matheu Detachment Number 1, said that one of the firefighters could hear the noise coming from the trees.

It was a fire in a field located between some factories around the Temaikén biopark, where trees and grasslands had been destroyed.

One of the firefighters began to hear noises coming from inside a tree. She took out her flashlight and after finding a hole in the trunk she began to investigate. To everyone’s surprise, there were 7 puppies,” said Martín.

It was a litter of 5 females and 2 males that were terrified after beginning to feel the threat of the flames that were spreading inside the trunk.

These puppies were trapped and starting to burn.

The tree had flames at the top and was burning from the inside. What we did was extinguish that particular tree and then extinguish the rest of the fire,” Martin said.

Fortunately, all the puppies were successfully rescued. The firefighters decided to wait at the scene with the dogs because they thought that their mother might appear, but that was not the case and they decided to take control of the situation.

After waiting almost a couple of hours, night came and it was starting to get cold, so we decided to take the puppies to the detachment, since they were dirty and smelled of smoke. It was such a cold night that, if we left them in that place, they would not survive,” said one of the officials.

Upon learning that the puppies were in perfect health, the firefighters did not waste time and began an adoption campaign on social networks. In less than half an hour, all the puppies in the litter had a home.

In just 20 minutes, all the dogs had owners. They are all residents of the neighborhood and we know that they will be taken care of responsibly. Even I stayed with a male, Pachi, who will now accompany us while we complete the quarantine,” commented Commander Martín.

Despite the traumatic experience that these puppies suffered, they were able to overcome that test and now have a home where they can live happily.

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