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Riley Dashwood Parodies Celebrity Outfits And It’s HilariousRiley Dashwood Parodies Celebrity Outfits And It’s Hilarious

Meet Riley Dashwood, the Aussie child Instagram sensation with ALMOST 106,000 followers. Becoming famous at just four years old, she’s a refreshing change from the pouty little girls rocking full faces of contour in highly stylized editorial shots.

Riley’s just here to enjoy her childhood – her dad manages her Instagram, but don’t get it twisted – lil’ shorty is a girl-boss entrepreneur in her own right.

We love how she pokes fun at influencer product placement with her own unbranded pose – with a toilet paper roll instead of a Foreo…

After we saw Riley’s waffle remix on Emma Stone’s dress, we couldn’t unsee the original. With just ten beluga waffles and some packing tape, a red carpet look has been recreated. Waffle gang forever.

Blessing us with all the #puns we could ask for in the caption, and to be honest, we think she looks better than Miley in this oversized blazer rendition – honestly, we prefer leggings to the weird ruched bell bottoms. She even got the duck face pout down pat!

Here, Joy Villas and her famous barbed wire, silver dress was turned into a cheese grater ensemble with the hilarious purse the says “Make America Grate Again.”

One thing that Riley is great at is trolling Lil’ Pump, randomly enough. Before the two met IRL with matching dreads, she matched his outfit with a hilarious aluminum foil chest-piece and rope hair buns with bunny and sushi temporary tats on her face.

Here, a chic Paris Bishop in all white is transformed into a bedsheet look that takes place on the pillow with a barely woken up face.

This body positive post takes a fitness model showing off her abs and Riley spins it on its head by replacing those abs with hotdog rolls. In a world where social media posts often make people feel bad about themselves, Riley gives us a chance to laugh at it instead.

Ugh, nothing slays like RIRi in some hoops and bucket hat. Unless it’s Riley in some hoops and a steel pot hat. Replacing Ri’s notorious collarbone tattoo into one that says “Never Not Hungry,” we’ve never related harder.

Zendaya’s tan and red jumpsuit ensemble inspired a life size hot dog rendition that doesn’t look that different, TBH. With a red lip and the right sausage aesthetic, any girl out here can slay.

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