The 9 Instances ‘The Crown’ Missed the Mark in William and Kate’s Story

The 9 Instances ‘The Crown’ Missed the Mark in William and Kate’s Story
The 9 Instances ‘The Crown’ Missed the Mark in William and Kate’s Story

When it comes to royal drama, Netflix’s “The Crown” has become the go-to for sifting through the intricate, scandalous, and sometimes fantastical tales of the British monarchy. But amidst its captivating storytelling, there’s a fine line between truth and a well-scripted narrative. The sixth and final season of “The Crown” delved into the enchanting tale of Prince William and Kate Middleton, painting a romantic saga filled with moments that, well, didn’t quite line up with reality.

Let’s set the record straight, shall we?

A Chance Encounter That Never Was

“The Crown” paints a whimsical picture of Kate and William’s first meeting during a charitable event. Unfortunately, Kate’s recollections debunk this romantic encounter. No exchanged glances or magnetic moments here—just a shy, red-faced Kate scuttling off, as she recalled.

Bedroom Confessions That Weren’t

Cutting out pictures of Prince William to adorn her bedroom walls? “The Crown” went for teenage obsession drama, but Kate clarified that her walls were adorned with the Levi’s guy, not the future king. Sorry, no royal shrine in her room.

A Pre-University Romance or Wishful Thinking?

“The Crown” hinted at a charming pre-university introduction between the pair. Author Katie Nicholl suggested casual, informal meetings in high-society circles. Think less ‘meant to be’ and more ‘small-world coincidence.’

The Press Conference That Missed the Mark

Remember William’s gap-year press conference in “The Crown”? A fantastic bash on his 18th birthday, right? Wrong. Reality had him in an Eton dorm, cramming for exams—no gap-year celebration in sight.

Mom’s Matchmaking Misconceptions

Carole Middleton, the secret architect of their romance? “The Palace Papers” and rumors spun tales of a mother engineering her daughter’s royal love story. But let’s face it—these were more whispers than solid evidence.

Lola Drama That Never Existed

And don’t get me started on Lola Airdale Cavendish Kincaid! A dramatic love interest for William in ‘The Crown’, but let’s be real—pure fiction. There was Carley Massy-Birch, sure, but no Lola drama here.

Fast-Forwarding the Friendship Phase

“The Crown” condensed their friendship-to-romance timeline. In reality, William and Kate were pals for over a year before romance bloomed. Their first shared house? Less love nest, more friendship commune.

Timing Is Everything—Except in “The Crown”

Then there’s that heart-wrenching kiss interrupted by the Queen Mother’s death. But wait for it—William wasn’t even in Scotland when the news hit. Timing, or lack thereof, dear viewers!

TV Time with the Middletons? Not So Much

And that cozy Middleton family TV time during the Golden Jubilee in ‘The Crown’? According to Prince Harry’s memoir, that cozy scene wasn’t on the cards. Sorry, TV watchers, no Middletons in the royal room.

“The Crown” wove an enchanting tale, blending historical snippets with dramatic twists. However, when it comes to depicting William and Kate, reality took a backseat to the show’s artistic liberties. The story, while mesmerizing, often veered far from the path of actual events. But hey, when has the truth ever stopped a good story?

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