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Top 8 People Living Strange But Happy LifestylesTop 8 People Living Strange But Happy Lifestyles

Each person is an individual who independently decides how to live their life. There is nothing illegal about someone’s personal affairs, and we can only respect and accept other people’s choices. But boy, are there some really weird cases out there!

Don’t you just want to ditch your boring everyday life in favor of something unusual, like becoming a mermaid or a dog? That childhood dream you’ve had for decades can become a reality. At least these eight individuals are living their best life without regrets.

1. Catwoman and her 1,000 furry pets

The story of Lynea Lattanzio began when her mother did not allow her to have a pet cat when she was a child. Her love for cats has only grown stronger over the years, so Lynea eventually opened a shelter in her own house where she brings poor hapless kitties. The five-room cat hotel is located on 12 acres of land in California. The fluffy residents are free to go wherever they want and do what they like, which is eat, poop, and play. After a short stay in Lattanzio’s no-cage, no-kill sanctuary, the cats go to their forever homes. According to Lynea, the cat hotel has had more than 19,000 visitors throughout the years.

2. The Victorian-era couple

Sarah Chrisman and her husband, Gabriel, live a Victorian life. They deliberately rejected any and all benefits of modern life and did not seem to regret it. They take showers using a jug of water, craft their clothes from natural fabrics, do not drive a car, and use only oil lamps to illuminate the house. As long as they don’t do something stupid or harmful, it’s all good!

3. The Dog-person from Britain

A man named Tom Peters dresses up in a dog costume and acts like an animal in his spare time. He likes to play with dog whistles, eat from a bowl, and go for walks outside. Tom admits that this unusual hobby is a way for him to escape from reality and return to his primal form.

4. A cross-bearing man

With a subtitle like that, you don’t really know what to expect, but it’s we’re not talking about Jesus. Meet Lindsay Hamon, who carried a giant cross on his back for more than 30 years and preached to people about God everywhere he went. The man strolled through 19 countries, hitting over 8000 km with this giant wooden cross, and he’s got no intention of stopping.

5. The biggest cockroach fan

Kyle Kandilian cannot imagine his life without cockroaches. And if that wasn’t enough for you to visualize his home, here’s a little hint: he keeps them as pets. Although some species are suitable for feeding birds and small animals, so Kyle breeds them for later sale. On average, this Papa Roach fan keeps about 200,000 cockroaches at his house and has around 130 species in his collection.

6. Green is the way to go

A lovely grandmother named Elizabeth Rosenthal loves the color green because it makes her happy. In the last few decades, she has been leading an unusual lifestyle: all her clothes, accessories, furniture, cosmetics, and even her hair are painted in different shades of green. Such a spry little leprechaun granny!

7. Real-life mermaid

Cassia Shells has been collecting mermaid dolls since she was a child. By the age of 29, her love for mythological creatures grew into something bigger than life. The girl put on a mermaid costume and started acting like she came from the ocean. If you look at her house, you’ll see that it also follows that deep-sea motif: shades of blue, fish scales, and mermaid tails everywhere. Also, a fun fact: Cassia is not allowed to swim in her get-up in public pools as the semi-rigid tail could potentially poke someone’s eye out.

8. The dirtiest man alive

Iranian hermit Amou Haji became famous for his revulsion towards personal hygiene. The man has not washed in the last 60+ years! The dirt-man claims that going to the shower will turn out to be a real disaster for him because he will immediately fall ill and die. Amou often sleeps outside or just basks in the sun, and his most cherished possession is a water pipe, which he uses for smoking. Also, the old hermit flat-out refuses fresh food and water, but the locals still watch over him.

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