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You Feel These Physical Changes In LoveYou Feel These Physical Changes In Love

When you’re falling in love, it feels like the whole world opens up, the sun shines brighter and you feel like singing every moment of the day. When you look into the eyes of your love, it feels as if a change is happening inside your body. 

Getting close to someone you love, hugging and kissing them can instantly reduce stress. Apart from this, it can increase feelings of attachment and security.

Falling in love can be confusing, scary, fun, and life-changing all at the same time. However many of the physical effects of being in love may be unique to you. 

Many aspects of love will always be a mystery to us, but there are certain physical effects that many people feel when falling in love. Here are 5 things that happen to your body when you fall in love.

you feel happy

Your brain releases more of the hormones dopamine and oxytocin. These feel-good chemicals provide a euphoria similar to the effects of cocaine.

Just thinking about your boyfriend or girlfriend is enough to trigger dopamine release. This makes you feel excited and eager to do anything to see them.

Then, when you actually see them, your brain releases more dopamine, which you experience as intense pleasure.

you feel less pain

Love has been shown to have pain-reducing properties, although most doctors would not recommend relying solely on love after a serious surgery or injury.

A 2010 study by Stanford University School of Medicine found that staring at a photo of someone you love deeply reduces moderate pain by 40 percent.

Researchers found that people who were in love had increased activity in their brains. They found that love (and distraction) can reduce the experience of pain.

your eyes go wide

You can tell a lot about someone by reading their eyes, including whether or not they’re in love.

When you stare at the person you love romantically, your pupils dilate. All the excitement and nervousness leads to the autonomic nervous system increasing the size of the pupils.

The autonomic nervous system controls unconscious functions of the body. It is deeply connected to the arousal centers of your brain.

you feel more attached and secure

When it comes to love, dopamine isn’t the only chemical in the field. Oxytocin levels also increase, which increases feelings of attachment, security and trust. It has also been called “love hormone”.

This is why you probably feel comfortable and relaxed in the company of a partner, especially once your love gets past the first initial rush. These feelings may feel even stronger after touching, kissing, or having sex. 

you become addicted to your love

When you start to fall in love, your brain releases chemicals like vasopressin, adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin that make you feel both pleasure and a euphoric sense of purpose. In short: In short, you become addicted to what you love.

When things are going well it can be a wonderful addiction. Gradually, as your relationship deepens, you want that person around you all the time

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